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Technical background Infos for Super8 cameras and older projects:


very soon available:

     Super8 cameras - as Super8MAX


    16mm - Ultra16 camera modifications

Super8MAX/NE modifications:

totally new designed, reliable electronics for professional usage

  • processor controlled drive
  • filmspeed: singleframe / 18fps / 24fps /25fps
  • timer , framecounter for scenecontrol
  • manual aperture setting
  • widened filmgate : for high resolution telecine and cine blowup
  • external powersocket

Super8MAX/RM - remanufactored:

  • widened filmgate : for high resolution telecine and cine blowup
  • modified powersupply with extra power socket (no extra lightmeterbattery)
  • removed internal filters and filterswitch for using your own filters in front of the lens


The Super8MAX filmgate uses 12% more of the Super8 film : the area which was formerly reserved for the soundtrack. HD telecine has now better results. And also blowup to low budget 16mm / 35mm cinema!

Modification for Super8 projectors are possible

Available Super8 cameras are more than 30years old. Even if they have solid mechanics - unfortunately they have weak electronics, cantacts, switches  ....

Some selected Super8 cameras with reliable mechanics are the base for my modifications:

The camerabodies are dismounted, cleaned, lubricated and modified.

The old electronics has to be removed.

New designed electronics with microprocessor, LCD-panel and control buttons are mounted.

The optical system for the Super8MAX filmgate is slightly off-centre, but because it's such a small gauge no realignment is necessary!

The viewfinder was not designed to "see" the wider frame. Therefore, you have to compose the shots with this unmarked/unseen area on the right-hand side in mind.


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